Emerald 2000 Salon
& Hair Replacement Center


Customized Hair Replacement Solutions

Hair integration is a hidden alternative to wigs. This hair replacement solution is so natural looking that it is virtually undetectable by sight or touch.

At Emerald 2000 Salon, hair integration systems are custom designed using the highest grade of 100% human hair. Hair texture, density, color and length are tailored according to personal taste. Hair integration systems can be colored, highlighted and styled to blend with natural hair. With hair integration, you do not need to limit your lifestyle. You can swim, shower and exercise just as you always do. Your hair system will remain secure in the wind or rain and even in the most intimate situations. For moderate to excessive hair loss, Kathy and her stylists will custom design a cranial prosthesis made of human hair that is woven into a prosthetic scalp. A template of your head is made to ensure a comfortable, natural fit and undetectable prosthesis. Hair will be styled and colored to your liking.


Specializing in Solutions for Medically Related Hair Loss & Thinning Hair, Quality Women & Men's Hair Replacement That Few Can Match, Total Privacy & Confidentiality, Special Products to Meet Your Every Need.


100% Human Hair Extensions

Linear hair extensions are a great way to add length and fullness to fine and thinning hair. Our hair extensions are 100% human hair and do not cause damage or breakage, and are available in a wide range of lengths and colors.